The Importance of Play

22 Feb

A repost from the Solihull Bicycle Campaign vault – January 2015


The decline of play:

As mentioned in the video, playing is essential to the development of children. However modern children do not usually have the option to play outside independently, one of the biggest reasons cited by parents is fear of traffic and social danger. This is partly due to the dominance of motor traffic which causes a vicious cycle of an increase in cars on the roads which is followed by fewer people walking and cycling, which in turn leads to fewer children being allowed to venture out due to this lack of people and community. Children now are shifted from place to place in their parent’s car with little independence, effectively stunting their physical and emotional growth.

However this system can be reversed, the two countries with the highest cycling numbers also happen to be the countries that rank the high in childhood happiness. The independence supplied by a bicycle is a wonderful thing, but before that can happen we definitely need #space4cycling.

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