Traffic Light Controlled Junctions

20 Sep

Repost from the Solihull Bicycle Campaign vault – September 2014


Junctions are one of the most neglected areas in cycling infrastructure. Many cycle routes, no matter how safe and well protected they are, vanish completely on the approach to a junction. Throwing bicycle users straight into the general flow traffic (often directly into merging conflicts) or segregate them to a series of pedestrian crossings around the outskirts of the junction. The Dutch style junction design allows cycle routes to proceed through the junction while still being kept safely separated from motor traffic. Junctions like the one above have been proven safe and usable for all ages and abilities of bicycle user, eliminating turning, merging and space conflicts.

Protected space along main roads is a key campaign aim for both the Solihull Bicycle and the Space4Cycling campaigns. However without appropriate junction design, large junctions will continue to be the barrier they are today. Which is why it is necessary for councils to receive a steady stream of funding and for the Department for Transport to take the lead in providing the regulation changes to allow safe junction designs to be built on UK roads.

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