Random Thoughts 1

26 Dec

This post is intended as a collection of my thoughts on cycling and campaigning in the past month (my mind wanders quite a bit when I ride). In no particular order and with no particular theme:

  • Road schemes seem to fall into two rough categories: ‘relieving congestion’ whereby motor traffic capacity of an area is increased, or ‘encouraging sustainable travel’ where an attempt is made to encourage cycling or walking provided that motor traffic capacity and pedestrian space  remain the same or are increased. Both however have the same fundamental flaw in that the belief is that maintaining the status quo can be achieved at the same time as meaningful behavioural change; councils want more people to cycle but at the same time the same amount of people need to be able to drive through the area. A whole idea of ‘you can have your cake and eat it’ and “why on earth would building more runways mean more air travel. They’re quite happy with grassy strips.”. This fundamental issue with not looking at the bigger picture consistently puts campaigners in the difficult position of being consulted on schemes where only minor pieces can be changed and the choice is often down to “Would you like to have the path end at a 90* angle or 45*?”. This allows councils to tick the ‘consulted cyclists’ box while campaigners have been forced into the choice of which rotten fruit to choose from (“Well both the apple and pear are rotten but at least the apple smells slightly better.”). While there is a bull in the china shop, councils would like to know what colour to paint the walls.


  • Arguing against cycling and walking infrastructure on the basis that it makes it more inconvenient to get around by car is tantamount to telling your children and the future generations that their future is not worth your personal indulgence. How many parents are willing to move home just to ensure that their children land in a school that is a few more steps up the league tables, yet balk at measures that would improve their children’s lives and futures above and beyond which school they land in.
  • The usual requirement for putting in speed cameras is at least two deaths, which avoids them being placed anywhere else than accident black-spots (mobile speed cameras are moved at the discretion of the police force). If they were set up in a location to create a profit, then it would clearly need to have a significant number of people driving at above the speed limit to justify running costs. Therefore indicating a need for enforcement. Speeding is a crime, it’s ubiquity and current social acceptance does not change that. Plain and simple it is gambling with others lives.The easiest way to opt out of any ‘money collecting schemes’ is to drive at or below the speed limit, park only where it is legal and keep any electronic devices safely stowed away.

One Response to “Random Thoughts 1”

  1. Paul February 12, 2015 at 9:42 am #

    “Road schemes seem to fall into two rough categories: …”
    You do realise they get paid for cycle lanes so it seems to be where can we fit one in that gets us paid.

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