A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.

1 Sep

And this is my step.

Hello all.

Before I go into the details of my inspirations and  goals for this blog, I think it may be best to introduce myself:

My name is Bracken Van Ryssen, I’m a student currently studying education at Solihull college, with a view to teach at secondary school level. I also work part time teaching swimming for a local swim school. My passions/hobbies include; reading, karate, swimming and most of all cycling.

Which brings me to my main reason for starting this blog and taking a step into the unknown: I love cycling and think that an overall increase in the people who cycle can only be seen as a positive step forward (I’ll leave my reasons for a future post). If I could convert  just one more person to a cyclist I would be overjoyed. Of the many barriers to cycling, safety is one of the biggest issues. I believe that only a wholesale overhaul of the road systems would be able to change this (admittedly much warranted) perception that cycling is an inherently dangerous activity.

The Goal of this blog is to make an effort, no matter how insignificant, to change the current status quo. And to campaign for the development of decent cycle infrastructure for all cyclists.

To accomplish this goal I hope to:

  1. Document and analyse the current cycling provisions, or lack thereof on major routes around Solihull.
  2. Assess what cycling infrastructure could be provided along these routes.
  3. Compile this information in one document and present to the relevant authorities, whoever they may be.

I’ll also be covering various bits and pieces of whatever other cycling related material or media I find. The plan is to post as often as time allows and I’ll try to keep to once month minimum.

Thanks for stopping by,


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